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Sarah’s Scarf Soliloquy’s

I’m going to show three different ways to style a head scarf, but there are really endless ways to do it! The whole fun in wearing scarves is being playful, creative and expressive. It’s the only time you can consciously decide, “Well, I got up today and felt like putting a giant bow on top of my head and darn it, who’s going to stop me!” How awesome is that? You can actually decide you’re going to wear a giant bow…on top of your head…in any color of your choosing. (Sigh) I love fashion.

Step 1: Get a scarf! I got the scarf I’m using from a thrift store for just a few dollars. I love stumbling upon hidden gems like this. I just adore the muted floral print and the sheer fabric gives it a nice light feel. Scarves like this are the easiest to make head wraps out of because of the thin fabric. They tend to be very movable and easy to tie, which is perfect for a variety of different knots and bows!

IMG_3171Step 2: Since my scarf is very long, I’m folding it in half. This makes a square. (I know, I just blew your mind).

IMG_3175Step 3: Next, you’re going to take two diagonal corners of your square, allowing the rest of the fabric to fall.

IMG_31802Step 4: Place the middle of the scarf in back of your head. It should be where your head meets your neck, just about on the hairline, for most people. Now, bring the two ends to the front on your head.

IMG_3227Step 5: Cross twice.

IMG_3187Step 6: Bring these ends to the back of your head and tie one knot. If the extra ends bother you, simply tuck them in, like I’m doing in the photo.

IMG_3193Step 7: You should be excited! You made a head wrap! As you see, the knot we made in the front creates a turban style wrap. You can pull the sides out as much as you want to make them wider and accentuate this front clinch.

IMG_31972Step 8: Take a step back and have a look. You look fabulous! (I know, I have fashion telepathy, shh!)

IMG_3199 2.jpg

Exaggerated Bow:

 Follow steps 1-4 then tie a bow on top of your head as big or small as you want.


IMG_3203This is a really fun statement look. Perfect for a summer music festival, or just anytime you want to feel bold and free-spirited. Too big? No problem! If you’re not quite ready to be this daring in your scarf endeavors, you can always make a smaller bow. It is a free country, right? To do this, I wrap the scarf around my head as many times as I can, so that the front two pieces are as small as they can be, while still being able to tie.

IMG_3228IMG_3231Now tie a small loose knot or a bow. Voila!

IMG_3236IMAG0374-1 (2) 3.jpgThat is all the “scarving” I have for now. Next time, I will show you how to tie a very large scarf on your head, and still look chic. It may be record breaking. I would stay tuned. Until then, wishing you cheery scarf delights!

Big hugs and lots of love,


Boutique of the Week: Polished Boutique, Branford CT

image(1) image(2)e Special thanks to Abby Eisner for helping out with this post!! xo IMG_3155e IMG_3157e photo(1)e

photoeA small town on the shoreline of Connecticut, Branford has always had a reputation for having amazing restaurants and stylish (but expensive) boutiques. For local high school students and women, shopping local can be intimidating by the sometimes unaffordable prices. Needless to say, Polished Boutique was welcomed with open arms – filling a much needed void for fashionistas on a budget.

Walking in to the intimate boutique, you feel like you are walking into Lisa’s (Polished’s owner) closet.  From florals to studs – and everything in between, you can find pieces for any occasion. Designers include Blu Pepper, Ya Los Angeles, Ark & Co, and Elan International. Each piece is brought into Polished Boutique in a limited amount to maintain uniqueness to the customers.

Not able to make it into the store? No problem. Shop Polished Boutique online at – let us know what your favorite pieces are for spring and summer! Stay tuned for future outfits posts featuring pieces from Polished Boutique!

xo, Chelsea

Want to know more about Polished Boutique and Lisa’s journey? Read our interview below!

What made you decide to make your own boutique? How did you get started?

Growing up in Branford, I always wished I had a go-to boutique right in town that I could afford and shop anytime I needed a new outfit. I always had to travel out of town and head to the mall or TJ Maxx. I envisioned opening my own store and what it would be like to have a small business in the town I grew up in but honestly didn’t think at the time it’d become my reality!

I worked in retail management for different companies but just never saw the future in it. When I lost my job in 2011, my mother came in with her courage and support and we decided to begin an e-commerce business selling clothing and accessories. At the time, I wasn’t planning an actual brick and mortar, but my mom had big ideas. In August of 2012 she took me to a vacant space on Main Street. When I saw the space was 1122, which is my birth date, I felt it was now or never. If it weren’t right here on Main St- it wouldn’t be at all.  

What do you feel makes “Polished” stand out from other local boutiques?

We are affordable and exclusive in the unique pieces we bring in. Our target market is the Y-Generation, though we’ve also pleased and retained consumers of all ages. We offer a discount to students who present us with their Honors Cards from the Branford High School to promote my vision in being a go-to shopping destination on a budget.  Feedback we’ve received has let us know we’ve become recognized as the town’s dress store, since we carry them year-round and at a great price-point. We carry a line of earrings called JoJo Loves You Blings, which have really caught attention and are highly sought after by the girls for their multi-colored Swarovski Crystal studs.

I also think our individualized and friendly customer service sets us apart. Having grown up in town, and my parents owning businesses in town, my mother and I know the majority of our shoppers. The atmosphere usually feels like you’re shopping with your friends, especially for me when I’m in on a Saturday, it’s always a reunion!

Any advice for others hoping to start their own boutique?

Do your research, talk to people who have done it. I’m learning every step of the way and am always talking to people in the business. Things are always evolving and you have to be able to keep up with it. If you believe in something, and have the passion to drive it, take a chance and don’t listen or allow negativity around you. Believe in yourself, and always be professional.

What do you think the best spring 2014 trends will be? What are your favorite trends for spring?

It’s always interesting to see what the new hot color of the season will be. You’ll be seeing a lot of Vibrant Orchid this Spring, but you will also continue to see a lot of mint and coral from last Spring. Things to look out for are billowy wide-leg pants, matching crop top and short/skirt ensembles (yes and we heart it), and my favorite of the season- spring knits. I’m guilty of loving to pair a lightweight knit with pair of shorts, or over a dress.

Anything else you would like to share about your store?

My mom and I take a lot of pride in our little baby and have big plans for the future. We love seeing the store grow and getting feedback from our community. We get shipments each week of new arrivals and post to our Instagram and facebook accounts. We also sell online through a unique shopping community called Shoptiques, for people who enjoy shopping local boutiques. We host special events throughout the year and even hit the road bringing our product to outside events. We welcome the opportunity to partner with others and are helping to create awareness of how great the town of Branford is for shopping and dining, amongst other things. We hope if you have enjoyed reading about our story, you will visit us and follow our journey on social media!

xo, Lisa Feniola

Boutique of the Week: Kimberly Boutique

PicMonkey Collage2Kimberly Boutique, Guilford green, CT

IMG_3047From the tin ceiling to the eclectic chandelier, Kimberly boutique makes the shopping experience oh-so satisfying.

PicMonkey Collage3Left: View of the boutique; Right: One of the beautifully set tables on display. Notice the peplum brocade top? Yeah, it’s now sitting in my closet awaiting it’s big debut!

PicMonkey Collage4Swooning over the jewelry! From Alexis Bittar to Ann Lightfoot, Kimberly Boutique can solve any accessory dilemma.

IMG_3045I perseverated over these semi-transparent box purses for a few weeks. Which color was I to get? Yes, the black goes with more, but this piece deserve to stand alone. I am proud to say, the pink is now MINE. All mine. <3

IMG_3076Kimberly boutique is impeccably kept, making it easy on the eyes and a comfortable shopping experience.

IMG_3051Last week I had the opportunity to play dress up with Kimberly and Kendra of Kimberly Boutique on the green in Guilford, CT. Not only is Kimberly Boutique filled with the most current trends and top designers, the accessories, jewelry, and decor (think industrial style chandeliers and champagne glasses as earring holders) are swoon worthy.

Kimberly worked in retail 10 years prior to starting Kimberly Boutique, it was in these years that she realized her passion about every aspect of retail – from the actual clothing and fit, to the store aesthetic, the staff, and especially the customer service. Kimberly was having a difficult time finding a company that had the same enthusiastic vision as her – the solution? Starting her own company! In her mind, if she could find people who felt the same way she did, they could build a great team and create a comfortable shopping environment where women could find pieces that they need and have fun at the same time.
Too often, women’s clothing is characterized by over-priced pieces from big retailers like Saks, or ill-fitting pieces from Talbots. Kimberly Boutique meets these needs and fills these deficits with fashionable, up-to-date trends without breaking the bank. All while working with a staff that makes the shopping experience fun and exciting, tailoring each visit to the specific needs of each customer. What could be better than that?!

So what are Kimberly’s favorite looks for fall?
1. Leather. Don’t think you can pull off a leather skirt? Look for pieces that have leather detailing, that small touch can add an edge to a whole look.
2. Lady-like trends. Fitted jackets and pencil skirts never go out of style because they are form fitting and flattering.
3. For prints, look for digital floral prints as seen in Marccain. The darker shades make floral prints extend past spring and summer making fall just as playful!
4. For jewelry anything Alexis Bittar or Rachel Zoe (hitting the boutique shelves soon).

For more information on Kimberly Boutique, check out their website at

Happy shopping!
Xo, Chelsea

Nice Bun Where Ya From?

IMG_2960 IMG_2963 IMG_2965T-shirt: J Crew; Pants: Joe Fresh; Loafers: Zara; Belt: BCBG; Sunnies: Forever 21


A few weeks back I was a part of a photo shoot (not yet released) and I loved my hair and make up so much (thank you Jennie Fresa and Catie Bane!) I decided to set up my camera and blog about it. So, even though the high bun and makeup in these photos are professionally done – I promise that the high bun is the EASIEST hairstyle to do.

Reasons why the high bun is fabulous:                                                        1. It can be worn on the red carpet (elegant), or with boyfriend jeans on a Saturday afternoon (casual). #versatile

2. It’s sophisticated.

3. It’s sleek.

4. It’s classic. This style is going nowhere anytime soon.

5. It’s so easy to do! Personal disclaimer: I once made a high bun while sitting at a red light. BAM – bad hair day? Problem solved. Yes, it is that easy.

6. It shows of your facial features. Hello cheekbones!

So how do I do it? Smooth your hair back at the crown of your head (I usually go even higher) then twist your ponytail until it starts to coil around itself. Finish the look off by securing the bun with a hair elastic. Told you it was easy! If you haven’t been blessed with thick hair, get that added umph by throwing in a bun maker! Available in blonde and brown – just make a pony tail, pull it through the bun maker, waterfall your hair over to cover it, and secure with a hair elastic.

Happy bunning!

xo, Chelsea

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Wardrobe Essential: The Utility Jacket


Laid back look with a utility jacket (Tory Burch; similar found here) denim shorts  and a striped tee (both J Crew; similar found here). Paired with red velvet loafers (Zara; similar found here) for a pop of color and its an instant fall outfit.


Mixing a utility jacket (H&M; similar found here) with a flowy chiffon summer dress (American Eagle; similar found here) is a great transitional outfit. To make the look a bit edgier, throw on some studded booties (Zara); similar found here)and the look is complete.


Pair a utility jacket with a white tee (J. Crew), denim skinnies (Joe’s Jeans), chunky knit scarf (H&M), and classic black heels (Michael Kors; in stores!) for a polished daytime look.


Mixing textures with leather pants (Guess by Marciano; similar found here), a utility jacket, and a gold embellished clutch is perfect for a date night!



In my former job, advising people what to buy was a daily occurrence. Now a days, it’s not very often that I pick one piece and say, “You must own this”, unless of course, it is to myself. My posts are to inspire my readers to create their own fashion identities… But sometimes, there are some pieces that just need to be bought – and when that happens, I am going to be the person to tell you. So, here goes… the utility jacket is an under-appreciated transitional piece that needs to become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

Why is this jacket such a necessity? Because it is a chameleon-like piece that can conform to the means of any outfit. Not ready to give up your flowy chiffon summer dress yet? No problem, throw on a utility jacket. Boyfriend jeans? Add a white tee, utility jacket, and heels – it will be an instant hit. We could also add leather, plaid, white jeans, denim cut-offs in the mix and the utility jacket would still have a superfunctional place within each outfit.

Not convinced yet? In a recent “The Verdict Is In” article on they dubbed the utility jacket a “sleeper hit”, noting that it will slowly insinuate into a woman’s mind and wardrobe. I mean, Kate Moss wore hers for at least two years – what more do you need to know?
The best part – this jacket will re-emerge from your wardrobe come spring and still reign triumphant. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

xo, Chelsea

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